«Strawberry and raspberry cake».

«Strawberry and raspberry cake»

Strawberry and raspberry cake

eggs 3 pcs.
6 tablespoons sugar. l.
butter 150g
yogurt or sour cream 100g
2 cups flour
baking powder 1 bag

350 g cream
rikkota or any curd cheese 250g
icing sugar 2-3 tbsp. l.
raspberries 200g
sugar 2 tbsp. l.

jelly dessert with strawberry taste 1 packet (50 g)
1 package of gelatin (10 g)
Water boiled 0.4 liter
rum 1 tbsp.
250 g of strawberry


Beat eggs with sugar, add the soft butter and yogurt, continuing to whisk, gradually add flour with baking powder.
The dough as pancakes.
Split form (I 25 cm) greased with oil, sprinkle with flour.
You can bake a big cake and then cut it into 3 pieces and divide the dough and bake once each cake individually at 180 *.
Strawberries wash, dry and cut each berry in half lengthwise.
The boiled water to dissolve gelatin and a packet of strawberry jelly. Gradually warming, wait until completely dissolved, add the rum. Cool.
Raspberries (can be frozen), fill with sugar, warm over low heat, stirring to dissolve the sugar, rub through a sieve.
-Get A fairly thick sauce.
-Korzhi Reduced in diameter to 20.5 cm. I am covered by a suitable cap size and cut the excess with a sharp knife along the rim. (Photo 5)
-For Cream whip cream with powdered sugar, mix with them carefully the ricotta.
The bottom of detachable form lay a cling film or baking paper (to avoid leaking jelly)
At the bottom of a form from Split (without skirting) evenly spread in the center of the cake first, it lubricates 1/3 raspberry puree and apply cream 1/3, cover the next Korzh, repeat the operation, cover the third Korzh and lubricates the third cake just mashed.
Gently worn on the «cake» open ledges to form. The resulting gap between the cake and the bead shape (not close !!) Put the halves of strawberries, close to each other, to cut the cake (tails down)
Only then close the ring the castle. From spoons in a circle Pour strawberry jelly. (First a little to the bottom is not razmok cake).
Harvesting in the refrigerator for a few minutes. Then pour more jelly (almost to the top of strawberries) give congeal.
Now lay the second row of strawberry (tails up) in the gaps between the lower layer of berries. Fill it to the top of the jelly cake. Put to freeze.
The remaining cream in a pastry bag spread, and with the nozzle decorate top of the cake. In the middle of a spread strawberries. Harvesting in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours. Before serving, sprinkle with powdered sugar strawberries.

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